We’re giving the world a voice.

Helping humanity understand and be understood. is the non-profit arm of Unbabel Inc.
Both are accelerating the shift towards a world without language barriers by enabling trustworthy, seamless and scalable translations between people who need to understand and be understood.

By connecting volunteer translators with NGOs, we’re helping those who cannot make their own voices be heard.

Effective communication is the foundation of civilisation.


It’s how we connect to, relate to, and understand each other. Exchanging ideas and information, imparting knowledge and skills, expressing needs and desires.

In a digital world, communication needs to transcend timezones, borders, markets and indeed languages.

By harnessing the power of machine learning and a global community of mobile linguists, is able to remove language barriers where they produce the most friction, helping alleviate the effects of some of the worst humanitarian crises around the world.

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